Affective Realism—When A Gun Is Not A Gun

A recent New York Times column, provocatively entitled “When a Gun Is Not a Gun,” offers legitimate science to prove that lawmen, at least some of them literally perceive things that aren’t there. That research project sought answers to a modern conundrum. In a U.S. Justice […]

Talking Ain’t Doing

Back in Angus time, before New Mexico was a state and after lawyers showed up in Colorado, there were cowboys that talked and others that just did the job. Sometimes they fit the movie version in the 1950s—strong silent types. Angus was never garrulous. Even though he was a lawman and worked for federal judges, […]


When Angus pinned his first Deputy United States Marshal badge on in 1881, he had no presumptions. None about his own life and hardly any about how other people saw the world. He didn’t know the law presumed innocence, or that guilt had to be proved beyond any reasonable doubt. Truth be told, he didn’t […]


isis cowboysAs you all know, Angus, my main character in Ten Shoes Up, died in the early 20th Century. But he lives on in a funny way.

He talked mostly to his horse. I know it’s strange, but I can still hear him. Suppose that’s because I […]

Gentle the Green Ones

When Angus was just twelve or thirteen, he hired on for spring roundup on a spread running a small herd of mangy cows in the Espanola Valley south of Chama, New Mexico Territory. It was either that or the one-room school his Mom taught. He liked numbers and reading, but the Christian part gave him […]

Looking Up Can Tell You Who You Are

eagle flying highAngus had been riding an 11,000 foot mountain, on a narrow ridge, when he looked up and saw something that changed his view. Not of the mountain or the eagle. It changed his view of himself.

Course, that was more ‘n a hundred years ago. […]