Mass Shootings

Angus, a federal marshal in 1880s New Mexico, knew something mass shootings. Had you been around in those days and asked him, he might have one or two mass shootings. It happened mostly when the U.S. Army came into close contact with Indians. The worst one happened on December 29, 1890 at a place called […]

Remember The Big Fifty

Hawken small picBack in 1885, Tinker Cantwaite became overly fond of a Big Fifty. He figured if he had one he could hunt anything he wanted. The man was short on patience and mouthy about having his own Big Fifty—a common nickname for the .50 caliber […]

Affective Realism—When A Gun Is Not A Gun

A recent New York Times column, provocatively entitled “When a Gun Is Not a Gun,” offers legitimate science to prove that lawmen, at least some of them literally perceive things that aren’t there. That research project sought answers to a modern conundrum. In a U.S. Justice […]

Don’t Shoot First

Angus lived in the 1880s. He’s been six-feet under for more ‘n a century now, but he still has something to say, once in a while.

2014 would have flabbergasted him. We call ourselves civilized? Take all the 2014 shootings—well, not all of them, just the ones where one man kills another by blowing one or […]