Watch Yer Mouth

watch_your_mouth literally“Watch yer mouth” was good advice, back in the 1880s. But what did they mean by “watch?” “Watch your mouth,” “mind your manners,” “inch along,” “don’t baby it,” and other irksome sayings are culture survivors. Think of ‘em as behavioral guides to what someone thinks […]

Take Care

Millions of people today use “Take Care” to say goodbye, so long, hope everything’s fine, and other salutations at the end of a chat, letter, email, or last hug. It’s a cliché, but it’s OK because it’s short for lots of things. It could be a warning, a fond farewell, or even a cover for […]

Talking Ain’t Doing

Back in Angus time, before New Mexico was a state and after lawyers showed up in Colorado, there were cowboys that talked and others that just did the job. Sometimes they fit the movie version in the 1950s—strong silent types. Angus was never garrulous. Even though he was a lawman and worked for federal judges, […]