FoxNewsPerspectiveWriting about law and order today is pretty much the same as it was in the 1880s. Except today, more people get their news from TV than from newspapers. The narrative differs greatly depending on whether it’s written by Fox news or MSNBC.

Fox News might write […]

Mass Shootings

Angus, a federal marshal in 1880s New Mexico, knew something mass shootings. Had you been around in those days and asked him, he might have one or two mass shootings. It happened mostly when the U.S. Army came into close contact with Indians. The worst one happened on December 29, 1890 at a place called […]


YouCantHandleTheTruthTruthiness is a word that didn’t exist in the 1880s. It hardly exists now, except in the political and entertainment worlds. A funny guy named Stephen Colbert invented it to carry a TV show about fake truth. It was made up stuff, what Angus would have […]

Speaking Your Mind

Just before the 19th Century dropped out of favor, and folks got all high and mighty about everything in the shiny new 20th Century, things changed. Speaking your mind caught on, even out west. But it never worked for Angus. Everyone wanted him to speak his mind—at home around the dinner table, in school from […]