Back in the day, say 1880, when you roped something that was not of a mind to stop, you had to dally your rope around the saddle horn or lose your seat, and the steer you’d intended on branding.

Could be different now, especially when it ain’t a steer you’re roped but something bigger, stronger and much more fearsome. Let’s say you got a right to be angry and she should not have treated you that way. Sure, anyone would be distraught on losing the job of a lifetime. Or maybe it’s that perfect opportunity that will slip away if you don’t grab it with both hands and hold on for dear life. Could be. Or not. Sometimes the steer is just too rangy to be taken down and you’re better off losing the dally and giving him his head.

Angus knew better than to hang on to anger, or a woman who’s bound for another pasture no matter what you do. He walked away from more ‘n one good job before the boss’s nephew decided he was the heir apparent, if you know what I mean.

Anger, temper, getting put down, or held up—those things need to be let go of. Besides, a green salad is good for you, once in a while. Dressing on the side.