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The story behind an Arizona legend…

Call Him Mac: Ernest W. McFarland, The Arizona Years

The political life of Ernest W. McFarland—lawyer, judge, senator, governor, Supreme Court justice, and businessman—is well documented. Less well known is his life as a family man, country lawyer, rural judge, and visionary.

Stuart writes the little-known story of how Arizona’s culture and citi­zens shaped this energetic, determined, likable lawyer. The fame Mac cre­ated was not for himself but for those he served in Arizona and beyond. Mac’s unparalleled political success was fermented during his early Arizona years, the bridge that brought him to his future as an approachable and lik­able elder statesman of Arizona politics.

“Arizona legal historian Gary L. Stuart has reached a new pinnacle of success with his latest biography, Call Him Mac: Ernest W. McFarland, the Arizona Years. Stuart’s scholarship and passion for the ‘service above self’ life of Senator McFarland—and the role he played in shaping post-World War II America and his beloved state of Arizona—will remind readers of why we owe so much to the ‘Greatest Generation’.”

Stuart Rosebrook, Ph.D., author of At Work in Arizona: The First 100 Years

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