Back in Angus time, before New Mexico was a state and after lawyers showed up in Colorado, there were cowboys that talked and others that just did the job. Sometimes they fit the movie version in the 1950s—strong silent types. Angus was never garrulous. Even though he was a lawman and worked for federal judges, he could not abide windbags or men who’d never worn boots. Although their reasons were different, almost everyone he knew loved the grandeur of nature and hated the puniness of just talking about it. If the boss thought you were a good hand, then little else need be said. While talk was scarce in those days, it would be a mistake to think of cowboys, Indians, lawmen or outlaws as unexpressive. They had opinions on just about everything. The right kind of rope, whether a saddle ought to be double rigged, or whether that river was one or two days ride ahead. They used word pictures. Some were coarse, some were high falutin’ and almost all came with a nod and a grin. Most westerners were uneducated back then, at least by today’s standards. But they were smart enough to know that talking ain’t doing. You’d best mean what you say and do what you say you’re gonna do. Then and now.